Bunny Party at Maple Valley

Created by Evan Gibbs

Play as a bunny furiously decorating for a party in this card game where two players win! Work with a neighbor and decorate together. Be careful! Betrayals are possible, but a fun party is guaranteed.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Q&A with our artist, get your questions in now! New stretch goal!
3 months ago – Wed, Feb 03, 2021 at 09:12:10 AM

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well!

We have a new stretch goal!

We have been getting a lot of new pledges, thank you everyone for the support! We got through our first stretch goal and decided to add another. We are so excited to expand the travel guide!

We got some feedback that some people didn't like to turn their character cards sideways (or upside-down) to indicate that they used their once per game ability. So we decided we should add some reminder tokens! If we reach $6,000 in funding we will add these tokens into each copy of the game.

Ask questions for Holly down below!

Holly hasn't gotten much of a chance to be in any interviews or videos, so we're going to change that! We'll be shooting a video where she answers your questions.

Holly is a textile designer by trade but has also done all of the character designs and artwork for Bunny Party as well as Robo Junkyard. She loves animals, video games, and has lots of creative outlets such as baking, cross stitch, crochet, doodling, and more!

Reply and ask your questions below whether they be about the creative process, favorite games, or any other fun question you can think of. We'll make a video and she will answer your questions in a future update.

That's all for now! Don't forget to vote on the artist's name by the end of today!


Action needed to name this artist bunny!
3 months ago – Mon, Feb 01, 2021 at 09:19:11 PM

It's time to vote! This Bunny needs a name!

Thank you everyone for your suggestions! Let's finalize this bunny's name together! Get your votes in by 11:59 pm (PST) Tuesday February 2nd.

Simply comment on this post with your vote for one of the following names:

Fortune teller name reveal! Next up is the artist!
3 months ago – Wed, Jan 27, 2021 at 09:33:00 PM

What is the fortune teller's name?

First off I want to say thank you so much for all for all of your votes! I love that so many of you swung by to give your input. Without further ado, here are the results!

Say hello to Maple Valley's very own fortune Teller, Astrid! We gotta give a special thanks to Jacques Marchand who suggested the name!

One quick plug! If you liked naming the character, we actually did a couple of these before we even ran this Kickstarter for everyone in our newsletter! Elwood the ice cream elephant and Kyle the mail bird were named this way. So if you'd like to give more input on future games, make sure to sign up!

We are taking suggestions for the artist!

The artist bunny will be up next for voting! The vote will go live on Monday February the 1st.

Post your suggestions for his name below and we will pick four of them to be put up for voting on Monday!

I hope you have a wonderful day! Looking forward to hearing your suggestions! ✨


We did it!!!
3 months ago – Wed, Jan 27, 2021 at 09:03:25 PM

We just hit our funding goal!!!

Thank you thank you thank you! Bunny Party at Maple Valley is going to come to life because of you! Holly and I were so excited and were literally jumping up and down in our living room!

We still have 15 days to share the game with as many people as we can and maybe hit that stretch goal to get a bigger travel guide! But we are so happy that we can rest assured that we got funded.

Thank you once again!!! Ahhhh! 🎉🐰🎉


A Quick Apology!
3 months ago – Wed, Jan 27, 2021 at 12:00:33 AM


So it looks like each of you were sent an automated message about filling out a survey on Backerkit. There was a bit of a miscommunication and the survey wasn't supposed to be sent out that way. Sorry about that!

I really use the messaging system on Kickstarter to talk with you and I was actually in the middle of a conversation with some of you! So I'm sorry if that message interrupted it! I just want to let you know that I try to make myself available through messages and you can always contact me that way. :)

That being said, filling out the survey does help us, so if you have a minute to fill it out that would be great.

One last thing, voting for the fortune teller bunny is now officially closed! Thank you so much for your votes! We will reveal the results tomorrow! 🎉

Have a good one!